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Thursday, May 20, 2004

You mean we can't order them by catalog?

Everyone nowadays knows that the way to have a baby is to have sex. As Snopes points out, we are quick to chuckle at the idea of not knowing this. But it seems as though the reciprocal were some dark, mysterious secret: that the way not to have a baby is not to have sex.

Artificial birth control is so lauded that most of the "establishment" rarely consider whether it might be dangerous, or even how the most popular methods work. Couples are rarely told, for example, that the IUD is not a contraceptive device, but an abortifacient device.

The local gynecologist has charts in his exam room listing methods of "contraception" that name things like the IUD and Depo Provera, which are not contraceptives but abortifacients. Yet the charts are startlingly silent about Natural Family Planning, the only 100% safe method. Why would a medical community supposedly dedicated to the well-being of its patients put out such literature that teaches dangerous falsehood and omits helpful information?

Why is it that we think it so obvious that sex is the means to pregnancy, but our society is so cautious about pointing out that abstinence prevents it?