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Friday, June 11, 2004

Christine, over at Laudem Gloriae, says "I've been accused by fellow Catholics of oversimplifying the 'very complex' issue of abortion." She points out that abortion is no more complex than child abuse. I would add that abortion is only complex if you view it as a political issue.

But abortion isn't a political issue. Not really. Any more than it's a religious issue. I am not pro life because I'm Catholic, or because I'm a "conservative." I'm pro-life because I'm human. Something basic in the undamaged human being feels compassion for smaller beings and knows, knows that it's wrong to hurt and kill a defenseless creature.

And it isn't a political plank that dies in abortion, it's a being. A human being. And that is the only level at which we ought to view abortion, if we are fully human. Any amount of politicking on the subject, if it forgets that there are human beings being harmed, is far too removed from reality.

So don't denounce abortion because your Church or your political party says it's wrong. Denounce it because you care about small beings who feel pain. To be fully human is to be humane. Have compassion for all the victims of abortion, both the mothers and their children.