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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More Accidental Evangelist

When my husband first saw the name of the Accidental Evangelist, he said "That's also the name of my "fathers' rights hero." Well, glancing again, he realized that Anne Mitchell was the self-same champion ofFathers' Rights.

In a world increasingly filled with feminist ideas, it is easy to forget, in the "fight" for women's rights, that men have rights, too. Especially in parenting, men's rights often slip out of sight. Even where men do have rights, sometimes they don't know it. How many men have never sought time with their kids after divorce because they thought they couldn't get it? It's been documented that most women who "disappear" with their kids believe they have an inalienable and unshared right to their kids, as though their children were a posession inherited from Great Aunt Hortense, and not a blessing shared by both parents, even if those parents are estranged from each other.

With Father's Day approaching, let's take some time to remind ourselves of the imporance of a healthy relationship between fathers and their children. Fathers, don't give up on being a part of their lives. Mothers, never ever treat your children like weapons in the war against their dads. Children deserve all the love they can get, from both of you.