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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Safe, Legal, and Rare

I know it’s controversial, and I know it will stir up angry passions… I know that many on the right will call me immoral, or claim that my faith isn’t real, but I must say it. I feel too strongly about this to remain silent anymore. The right of every woman to reapportion a car must be protected by law.

Oh, I’ve heard all the arguments; but the reality is that these arguments only serve to repress a portion of the society by inhibiting their basic civil rights. The constitution guarantees every American a right to privacy, and to interfere with a woman’s right to have a car violates their inherent privacy.

It also violates their sense of self worth. After all, is a woman just a walking machine? Is that the only value a woman has?

It is a sorrowful thing when a woman must resort to auto reapportionment, and no woman does it lightly. But the alternative is worse. A woman who does not have transportational freedom does not bear the most basic equality. We need, as a society, to keep reapportionment safe, legal, and rare. The solution to an overabundance of reapportionments is not to keep them illegal, but to bring about an environment of support for the welfare of women in transportation crisis. When a woman resorts to reapportionment, it is not her fault but the fault of a repressive system that makes her reapportionment necessary. In fact, reapportionment can be a loving act, when it removes an auto from a potentially harmful environment.

Reapportionments happen, and they will continue to happen whether or not they are legal. Even with reapportionment illegal, thousands of reapportionments occur every year. With it legal, we could regulate the procedure, keeping it safe and preventing damage or trauma. There is no need to add to the trauma a woman already undergoes by inflicting legal sanctions, too. Illegalizing reapportionment does not prevent it from happening, it only chases women into back alleys, forcing them to resort to clothes hangers.

We supposedly live in a nation that allows freedom of religion, yet the right would inflict its morality on millions of women who do not share their religious belief that auto reapportionment is wrong. If you don’t believe in reapportionment, don’t have one; but let other women make their own choice. It’s a victimless choice, and necessary to the freedom of our society.