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Thursday, November 11, 2004

I wouldn't want to play Monopoly with this guy.

Everyone remembers someone who, at maybe 5 or 6 years old, could not handle losing. "No fair, he cheated!" was their cry, which really just meant "He won, and I don't like that." It's sad when a so-called adult, a person who has been empowered with the skills of literacy, halts his maturity development at that stage.

There is also an element of the infant who thinks the world revolves around him. A four month old doesn't think of Mom as that person who likes classical music, or Dad's wife, or someone who gets her feelings hurt when people yell. No, to the infant, Mom is the person who brings me milk. That's her job, that's how she relates to me, and that's who she is. Period. The infant is so sure of his needs and desires that it doesn't occur to him that those desires do not rule and define the world.

And to Mr. Valenzuela, his desire for Kerry to have won the election defines what must be truth. If he wanted it, then it must have been the will of the entire nation; therefore, if Bush won, it was contrary to the will of the nation, and he must have cheated. Because obviously, what Manuel Valenzuela desires defines desires and needs of all reality.

It's a pity for him that reality does not comply with his logic.

It's a great relief, however, to me. With six kids, I have enough people to teach the value of good sportsmanship to.