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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Perhaps Michael Jackson should define what he means by "love."

Michael Jackson hosted 200 children at Neverland party, making a special appearance and shouting to the kids that he loves them. It seems that despite his pending molestation trial, Mr. Jackson continues to keep a high profile relationship with kids; or maybe because of it. Certainly it makes good public relations.

"You see a whole other side of Michael here and it's hard to believe there are such charges. So much good is being done and it shouldn't go untold," says Imari Conway, one father who was present.

Now, I realize that Jackson has not been tried yet, but if the allegations against him are true, Mr. Conway's comment seems incredibly naive, at the least. Sure, I know he might be a child molester, but you have to see the good he does for children, too. Like they balance each other out? As though Jackson hosting a child-bait amusement park proves that he couldn't be doing untoward things with his young visitors?

A lot of people who have done really awful things have also done some really good things. A lot of child molesters have really liked children.

I guess you can color me annoyed. I don't want Michael Jackson having a media circus to prove how nice he is, to try his case in advance in the media. I also don't like the idea that a man awaiting trial for child molestation is not being more closely supervised.

I was going to say you wouldn't find my kids in Jackson's presence; but on second thought, I with other people's kids weren't being exposed to him, either. I know, innocent until proven guilty and all that; but I'm not in the jury, and I can't be unbiased. If I thought there were even a chance that a person was a child molester, I wouldn't let him have access to my children. I wish other parents would exercise that same level of caution.