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Sunday, January 16, 2005

More noteworthies

I find myself curious this week to hear more from Therese at Exultet about "Cranky Catholics." I would really like to see more parishes offering more varied opportunities for parishoners to meet and share. Too many Catholics are lonely.

Dawn Patrol maintains its usual high quality of information and commentary as it discusses the United Nations' opposition to international adoption of tsunami victims. I understand the UN's reasons, as well as Muslim reasons, for this perspective; but really those reasons are only valid if there are local adoptions available for these children. Such adoptions must be by people who have the means to care for the children, and thus they should not be suffering victims themselves who are in the midst of rebuilding their lives. That pretty much rejects the idea of keeping them local.

Bettnet continues to find and post relevant and interesting information for Catholics with a list of how to identify a good parish, gleaned from Brian St. Paul, editor of Crisis.

What other noteworthy blogs do you want to see mentioned?