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Friday, March 18, 2005

Terri Schiavo gets a reprieve

For those who have been following the Terri Schiavo case, Yahoo! this is important news. Terri was ordered starved to death, yet again, and yet again surprising events have battled against time and Terri's husband's desire to marry his longtime adulterous friend. This time, the reprieve came in the form of a supoena from the U.S. Congress for Terri and others to appear before them. Despite the judicial order to kill Terri, it is illegal to prevent her from appearing for the supoena, so she must be kept alive until then, at least. What the next step will be I do not know. But at least for now she continues to receive nourishment.

It bolsters my belief that God hears prayers. Michael has sought for years to kill his wife, and has repeatedly received judicial sanction to do so, yet by almost miraculous means, he has been unable to make the feat happen. If prayer has done so much to offer Terri this stay of execution, how much more can it accomplish to bring about her final safety, if we pray more, and more earnestly?

Pray we must. If we do not believe that prayer effects change, then how can we consider ourselves believers? Regardless of your political beliefs, I beg you, if you believe in God at all, to put justice in His hands, and ask Him to see that the truth, and His will, triumph. If you are not yet convinced of what is the truth and His will, then just ask Him to decide.

Thy will be done, Father. Thy will be done.