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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Habemus Papam Bonum.

I admit, my first reaction to the announcment of our new Pope was one of confusion. Part of that confusion was simply that I had been so certain that this was the last man who could be elected Pope, so I didn't really have any reaction ready. And part of it, I realize now, was that I've listened far too much to mainstream media that I should know better than to trust.

But now that I'm getting used to saying "Pope Benedict," I feel even optimistic. People like Patrick O'Hannigan of The Paragraph Farmer have helped. He recently listed the reactions of a number of other people to the announcement, and I think the list is worth sharing.

We do have a good new Pope. I am disappointed in myself for having expressed any ambiguity on the subject.

We are indeed fortunate to be in the midst of a run of good leaders. God has been good to us.