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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Confessions of a Bored Housewife

We all have our weaknesses, you know. I have mine.

It isn't like I don't have enough to do around here. I know that. There's the garden to mulch, and the dishes to wash, and there are always enough diapers to change. But sometimes picking up and putting away the same toys that I picked up and put away an hour ago just ceases to fulfill. I can't help myself.

Like I said, I'm weak. In my bored, lonely moments I just can't help myself. I waste time on the computer. And then I drag my family in.

It started out innocently enough. One day I was at the library and I found a book about "blogging." I didn't know what it meant, but it sounded interesting. I checked out the book, and before anyone knew what had happened, I had keyed my first entry. I should have known something dangerous had begun.

Next, I merely attempted to increase my computer's security by changing from IE to Firefox. Then I discovered extensions. Handy little devices, I tell you. I could set it to check my mail automatically, and to alter the way downloads are displayed. And to Stumble. Before I knew what was happening to me, I'd become a websurfer par excellence. It was so much fun!

And then, I stumbled upon a games site called Popcap. They have puzzle games like Bejewelled, that draw you in. Then, you discover the live games. Specifically, one listed in little innocuous letters: Psychobabble. If you've ever played with Magnetic Poetry, you'll understand this one easily. You are timed, and each round you make a sentence with the words provided. The whole room votes on which sentence is the best. If you think that doesn't sound addictive, that may merely be because you haven't tried it.

Now, I am still as busy as ever. I still have dishes to wash, a garden to mulch, and diapers to change. I know it. Do you think I do not feel guilt?

Maybe if you joined me in some of these activities, I would feel a little less guilty.