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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Cradle Catholic Lament

I'm going to join the bandwagon started by PPK and continued by Bettnet, and mention the things I wish they'd taught me in CCD, and add also the things I wish they hadn't "taught" me in CCD.

1. I wish they'd taught me that Communion is the Body and Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus. I wish they had not taught me that it's a way of symbolizing, by way of a meal, that I'm really accepted by the congregation as a member.

2. I wish they'd taught me to read the Gospels. The one teacher who ever tried to get us reading the Bible was good, but I wish he hadn't started us with Genesis. Matthew would have been much more instructive, both doctrinally and morally.

3. I wish they'd taught me how to make a good examination of conscience. I wish they'd done that with the time that they spent having us draw God as a tall old man with a beard.

4. I wish they'd taught me Church history so I could answer mistakes with knowledge. I wish they'd skipped all the current trendy stuff.

5. I wish they'd used more books and fewer crayons.

My list is shorter than Domenico Bettinelli's, but that's because he already took so many of the good ones.