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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pencils, Books, Teacher's Dirty Looks

Yeah, it's that time of year again. The kids are just around the corner from school, and I'm feeling my age. What I mean is that for one of the first years in ages, I'm not wishing I were homeschooling. Last year I had to do it under duress, with a teen who seethed about it, and ultimately refused to do or learn anything. This year, I'm expecting, while taking care of an extremely loud and hyperactive 1 year old, and I've spent the summer breaking up fights. No, I don't currently miss homeschooling, though I still wish that life were peaceful enough that I could be induced to want to do it again. I must say I loved homeschooling back when we did it.

With that in mind, I would like to take a moment to give credit to some of the really good homeschooling blogs and sites, and credit to those who have stuck with it. I hope that those readers who homeschool will find them helpful or at least inspirational, and I hope that those who do not will at least enjoy the read, and maybe find the words of other parents useful in their own lives.

Barefoot and Pregnant is one of my favorites. This blog is personal, fun, and a pleasure to read. Valerie is a Catholic homeschooler with great resource links, and she sounds like the kind of person I'd want to be neighbors with.

Anne at Our Homeschool has some good news. I can't help being excited with her, since I haven't yet had an ultrasound, and am looking forward to it. She also has an extremely beautiful blog... something aesthetically inspiriting about it.

Write Wing Blog is another must-read homeschooler, though it focuses more on issues and newsworthies. WriteWingNut covers a good selection of material with consistent insight and wisdom.

I am sure I've missed some great ones, but I do know I've included some great ones here, too. While I'm celebrating sending my children off to school to be someone else's problem, I offer you homeschoolers my profoundest admiration and good wishes.