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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Self-righteousness: easier than doing right.

I don't enjoy party politics anymore, not since I had a few nasty experiences with it in my early adulthood; yet I cannot help noticing the unified support this person seems to receive from fellow Democrats in condoning both a lack of compassion and a self-righteousness about it.

It seems that Demgurl, who prides herself on being a member of the compassionate party, refused to help a stranded woman and infant in need, because this person had a "W" sticker on her car. Ok, but that's just one selfish and self-righteous person in a party, right? Wrong. What astounded me was the huge number of replies she got, endorsing her behavior. Some suggested that she went too easy on this woman, that the woman and child deserved harm. Others praised her for her enlightened and compassionate conscience, because she felt a little bad about it. Yes, she refused to help a person in need, and she was essentially called a hero for doing it... and a bigger hero for feeling a little bad about it.

Self-righteousness isn't a virtue. It most certainly is not heroic. It is simply a lazy and selfish answer to a problem too big for any one individual to solve single-handedly. It says, in essence, "Some people help by rescuing people. Some help by donating food and money. I do my heroic good-deed by pounding my chest about being a superior person."

I'm not sure how self-righteousness is going to help a single victim either of car troubles or of a hurricane, but it sure makes the cold-hearted Demgurl and her compadres feel better about themselves without the inconvenience of having to make any personal sacrifice or do anything that might actually help the victims.

If I were driving past and I saw Demgurl needing help, even knowing what a cold-hearted person she appears to be, I'd like to think I'd offer her a ride. I'd empty my wallet for her. Most of the people I know would do the same.

I guess that just illustrates the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Thank you, Demgurl, for making the point so clearly.