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Monday, October 10, 2005

More Sevens

I have Housewife in Flip-Flops to doublethank. First, for mentioning Feminists for Life, which reminded me I wanted to look into that, and second for meme-tagging me. I feel so flattered!

So to release you all from the edges of your seats, here goes. Like HiF-F, I present these in no particular order. I am sure I'm leaving some worthies out, too.

7 people I admire:
1. My mom, the Mother-Lion. She has always loved and protected her cubs fiercely.
2. Our children, who despite having very strong (read: occasionally overbearing) parents are very unique, gifted individuals, and never mere clones of either "all the other kids" or of their parents.
3. Debbie, the lady who leads children's liturgy of the word at my church.
4. My sister Marilyn, who has always been my role model.
5. My Charming and Patient Husband, who ever-lives up to the moniker.
6. Fr. Morse, whose sense of humor frequently goes unnoticed, but for the twinkle in his eyes.
7. My parents-in-law, who always have love to give and never let on when they are worn out.

7 things I plan to do within the next year
1. Graduate from college on December 2. WAHOO!!
2. Give birth to Peanut in the spring.
3. Make final OCDS promises.
4. Begin learning Basque.
5. Write a book.
6. Clean my house.
7. Do something nice for the next door neighbor.

7 books I love
1. A Horse and His Boy (my favorite of the Chronicles of Narnia).
2. Jane Eyre
3. List Yourself
4. Gone with the Wind
5. The "Mark of the Lion" books, by Francine Rivers.
6. Enchantment, by Orson Scott Card
7. Rilla of Ingleside

7 movies I have to own:
1. Yours Mine and Ours
2. The Sound of Music
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4. Brigadoon
5. The Quiet Man -- I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me.
6. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
7. The Trouble with Angels (still looking for a copy)

7 places I want to visit
1. Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables landmarks)
2. Austria (Sound of Music landmarks)
3. France (great cathedrals)
4. Spain (Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage)
5. Rome
6. Cancun (with my husband)
7. Someplace accessible by cruise ship

7 places I’ve already been
1. Cancun (without my husband. I went with a school group at 18.)
2. South Texas
3. Northern California
4. Southern California
5. Washington state
6. Vegas and Reno
7. brief stopovers in Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona. Not very well-travelled, am I?

7 websites I love
1. Stumbleupon
2. Christian Forums
3. Gmail
4. Popcap games
5. EWTN (Particularly their document library)
6. (writing and breadmaking)
7. Dalnet... you can access IRC chat right from the webpage, if you don't have an IRC program. My favorite channel (chatroom) is #catholic.

Now, whom shall I tag...