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Friday, November 11, 2005

Armed and Literate

Yes, she's baaack.
I apologize for my recent absence. My charming and patient husband recently had surgery, and with both his restbed and our computer in the same room, I haven't had so much opportunity to blog. To those who have continued to check for new posts, I'm sorry to have disappointed, and grateful that you didn't give up.

The other thing that's been going on lately is a new Bible Study at my parish. It's a women's Bible study, which is really refreshing for someone like me who is hoping to make friends there. It's also a really good program. We're using Jeff Cavins' "The Great Adventure" program, and although we've just started a few sessions ago, I can already tell it was well worth the investment. No, I am not affiliated with Jeff or with this program in any way, other than to be using and admiring it... and admire it I do.

The idea behind this course is to look at the Bible as a study in the "story" of salvation and covenant, as told through primary narrative books of the Bible. The rest of the books then fit into the basic time periods narrated by those primary books. The idea is ingeniously simple: to lead the reader through a Bible that relates God's story to us, rather than picking random parts out of context, or trying to read the books through in order of placement. The result is, if it works like it's supposed to, better understanding as well as actual completion.

Although I won't be posting the material of the study itself, I do hope to share some of my own observations, questions, and thoughts as I read through the story of God's covenant with mankind. It is exciting to take a fresh, more detailed look at this gift from our Lord. I hope it will in some way inspire you, too, to read and study God's word with a new commitment.