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Friday, January 27, 2006

When a picture screams a thousand words

Like my charming and patient husband, I had a look at pictures taken last week at the Walk for Life West Coast, which included a number of photos of counter protesters. True to form, Joel and I agree on the subject, but had somewhat different reactions to the pictures. He is pithier, but I tend to want to respond to every photo, sign, and allegation. For your benefit, I've resisted giving response to each and every image, but a few cried out for answers.

These are the same people who say men should not be allowed a say in abortion because they aren't the ones who have to carry the babies. Does anyone else see the illogic, even hypocrisy, then, of lesbians fighting for abortion?

And then there's the perpetual message of all liberals:

The very clear and lucid message here being "If they don't agree with me, they're fascists and want to kill Jews. There, that'll show 'em." Yeah. It shows me that they don't have any real argument, so they resort to the ever-present assertion that only Hitler would disagree with them. And we know it's true, because they say so.

This one demonstrates the obvious truth that liberals are kinder, gentler, and more compassionate than pro-lifers. Doesn't it?

And then, to prove that they are really advocating choice, this fellow holds up a telling sign:

I wonder what this one means by free? The abortionist is, in "pro choice" rhetoric, presented like a women's rights hero, selflessly offering a service that allows women to live in freedom. But whom are they asking for free abortion on demand from? If these heroic champions of abortion were really in it to ensure women's rights, how about if they offered the service for free, instead of demanding that those who do not favor abortion pay for abortions with their taxes?

But the whole counter protest, and in fact the entire pro-abortion movement, seems to redeem itself here, with the message that it's really for the sake of the poor children. No child deserves to be unwanted, right? So why do they fight so hard to make the public see children as unwanted diseases, parasites to be removed?

It amazes me that in the name of helping children, they fight to kill them, in the name of "choice" so many want to impose their choice of abortion on everyone else, and in advocating a business that makes a huge profit each year, it is the government and those who choose not to support abortion who are blamed for the cost, not the abortion facilities and practitioners who actually collect the money.

I didn't even go to page two of this photo journal. I couldn't help thinking that the pro-abortion protesters had already made their views abundantly heard; but if you want to see the rest, the link is at the top of this post.