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Friday, February 03, 2006

A Quirky Meme


From Housewife in Flip Flops:

My good quirks:
I love French music.
I'm a compulsive organizer.
I go barefoot around the house and wear flip flops except in the coldest weather.
I like to decorate boxes.
I like reading and writing satirical poetry.

My bad quirks:
I'm very impatient.
I take things too personally.
I'm competitive with my husband.
I brood.

My food quirks:
I inherited the peanut butter and pickle sandwich from my dad.
Did you know leftover spinach salad with cheese nukes into a dandy hot lunch?
Onions. Especially when I'm pregnant.
Sometimes, instead of cooking with garlic, I plant it.
Wasabi peas and cocoa-dusted chocolate truffles. Gee, I miss Trader Joe's. (No, I don't eat them together! I'm not that quirky!)

My sleep quirks:
Oh, the usual pregnancy quirks.
I wake up 4 times a night for bathroom or milk.
Everything's congested. I snore more and more.
Three pillows: tiny smashed one on the bottom, normal old one in the middle, down pillow on top.

Quirky people I tag (who haven't already been tagged:
Joel, because I love his quirks. (I refuse to consider his favorite TV shows qirks; they are mere cries for help.)