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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sartre and the Philosophy of Waiting Tables

I've never cared for philosophy, as a general discipline. When I've taken philosophy in school, I sneeringly thought to myself that a philosopher is merely an opinionated person who forgets to put "I think..." in front of his opinions. Often it's true. Occasionally, it isn't, and we find a nugget of gold in the writings of an Aquinas or a John Paul II.

And every once in a while, we find a nugget of platinum in someone who doesn't call himself a philosopher. Sometimes, some of the best theology comes from the ordinary guy who happens to keep his eyes open and his mind and heart working in sync. Waiter Rant offers more than its share of nuggets, and today's serves as a good reminder that the Beatitudes and Works of Mercy can happen everywhere. I've never seen him call his observations "theology," but the person who aspires to theology could learn a lot from this waiter with his eyes open.