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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Prayers for falsely accused

I have a special prayer request for you today. The Spokane diocese recently passed their deadline for claims of sexual abuse, and of course a slew of people turned up at the last minute to claim a free thirty pieces of silver. Please join me in offering prayers to St. Nonnatus, patron saint of the falsely accused.

At 2Hearts Network, we find a collection of prayers to St. Nonnatus, including a novena. I ask that we join together in praying for the innocent who have been accused. I can only imagine the feelings of hurt and betrayal a man must feel after devoting a life to serving Jesus and His followers, only to be sold down the river by someone who claims to be (or have been) a faithful member of the flock.

The men who give their lives to serve... we owe them at least our prayers.