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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It's been a rough few weeks, with a new baby needing the usual attention and with Hypertot discovering new levels of mischievousness; but yesterday we had a spot of encouragement to light up the challenges. We discovered that Hypertot is bilingual. Well, about liquid in cans, anyway.

I and three kids moved from California to Washington when Joel and I married. Little did I realize at the time that we'd crossed the Soda-Pop line. We are firmly soda people, and I married into a Pop family. Andy, who was at the time nearing fourteen, adjusted quickly. Shannon, two years younger, was more stubborn. She still clings to her soda like a puppy to a soggy tennis ball. I admit, Shannon inherited this trait from me.

That's the background. Yesterday, two year old Davy picked up a can and held it up to Shannon, saying "pop!" "Soda," she corrected him. He held it up again, and repeated "pop."

"Can you say 'soda'?" she urged. "Doda!" he repeated, to much praise and hugging from big sis.

Then he did something unexpected. He carried the can to Andy and said "Pop!"

Then he came back to Shannon, and said "Dadoo [Andrew] pop. Nan-nan [Shannon] doda."

Now if we could just teach him not to put toothbrushes in the toilet...