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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Long Time No Meme

In the spirit of recovering bloggery, I offer the ABC Meme, swiped from one of my favorites, Rambling GOP Soccer Mom.

Accent: California, with a hint of Texas at times.
Butter or Margarine: butter.
Chore I Hate: Things that involve bending, especially emptying the dishwasher and loading the dryer.
Dog or Cat: I like them both, but prefer cats as pets because they require less care.
Essential Electronics: computer, of course... and, um... well, computer, of course.
Favorite Cologne(s): Jean Nate after bath splash.
Gold or Silver: Gold, white and yellow together.
Hometown: Sebastopol, CA
Insomnia: With a baby who won't sleep till midnight, and a hypertot who wakes at 5, who gets a chance to have insomnia?
Job Title: Wife & Mom. On a bad day, Ma-awm.
Kids: All over the place. 7 to be precise.
Living arrangements: A four bedroom house that would be big to any other family.
Most admirable trait: honesty.
Nicknames: Princess Brat, Chris, chrislife, ChrisMrs (formerly ChrisMiss)
Overnight hospital stays: Hernia surgery at age 4, and 5 hospital births.
Phobias: Making telephone calls.
Quote: "It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how." - The Cat in the Hat
Religion: Roman Catholic
Siblings: Four sisters
Time I wake up: ideally, 6 am. Usually more like 5-5:30.
Unusual talent or skill: writing poetry.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: You kidding? I'd give my eye teeth for more vegetables.
Worst habit: complaining.
X-rays: dental, and one broken wrist at age 12.
Yummy stuff I cook: Polenta casserole, enchilada casserole, Mustgo Soup.

Tags: if you feel like doing this one, consider yourself tagged.