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Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Sunday's wisdom from God

through His servant, Fr. Alejandro. All I can say is I pray that God continues to bless this man with wisdom and grace.

Yesterday, you may recall, we heard the Gospel reading in which Jesus sends forth His apostles two by two, to witness to the world. "Taking nothing for the journey," and teaching the good news, these men are called to be both fearless and fully trusting.

Trust and witness were the two themes Fr. Alejandro combined in his homily. He talked about partnering in witness: husband and wife, brother and sister, friend and friend, etc. And he stressed the importance of these twosomes, because each partner, with friendship and companionship, strengthens the other both in witnessing and in following Christ.

All I could think was how inspired I was to want to grow, with my husband, in my relationship with God. The only thing I can think of that could be better than growing toward God and growing with my husband is growing toward God with my husband.

Then Fr. Alejandro talked about the importance of trust. He told several stories of missionaries whose missions were endangered by their lack of trust in God to provide. This has been a particular difficulty of mine lately, as I always worry that God might test me by not providing enough to pay the bills. It is true that the more you have, the more you fear losing; and now that I have a big family, an awe-inspiring husband, a house, and security, there is so much more to fear losing than when I had nothing.

But I need to learn to trust, and if I can't just make myself do it, I need to ask God's help. And I need to ask for help from the partner that He gave me, too, so that we can forge forward together to do whatever work God has in mind for us.

Please pray for me, and I will pray for you.