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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Manhood and Apostolate

Several months ago, my charming and patient husband wrote a post about what it means to be a man. He had some fantastic insights, the sort that come from being the kind of person one encourages others to be. He's the one who, though he doesn't like the idea of killing spiders, does it anyway because one of our teens is allergic to them. When he gives advice about how to be the right kind of husband and father, other men and future men would do well to listen.

The reason I am remembering that post today is that I just found another really good post about what it means to be a husband and father, written by Pete Vere. He, too, has some extremely important insights about what those vocations require of a man.

For anyone who hasn't read both of these gems of wisdom, I strongly recommend you jump over and read them now.

This week, my husband has a heavy week at work, and will likely work longer hours than usual. This is a good moment for me to stop and appreciate him and what he does to take care of our family. Thank you, Joel.

Because as important as it is for men to remember to put their families first, it's also important for women to remember how much of their men's work is for the family.