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Monday, November 27, 2006

life planning

This summer, I bought Franklin Planner software. I've used the paper version before, but I had concluded that the software would be less expensive in the long run than having to keep buying refills, and I liked the idea of a "to do" list that carries forward. In most ways, it has met my expectations. There are a few things that I really like about paper, but I especially like having a planner I can't lose because it's on my computer.

Today I made the exercise of doing the section of my planner called "Mission." To be specific, I wrote my personal mission. It is based on what I value in life, and what my priorities are. For those who do not have a planner and would like to buy one, I highly recommend the Franklin Planner, in either the paper or the electronic form. It does more than keep track of your appointments; it helps you to plan your life and accomplish the things you want. For those who are not in the market for a planner, I still recommend the process of mission planning. Every mission is personal, and your list will not look like mine. It can be in paragraph form or (as I've done) in an outline form. It can include pictures if you want, or lists, or key words. But the key is to determine what matters and put it into words.

Here's what I wrote. It may not be a final version, but I like it.

I am a whole person, and all my "parts" are integrated.
My mission is to do as God wills me, and to do the best that I can at the roles that He has put into my life.


      emotional health




      treat Joel as he deserves
      be supportive
      make home and self pleasant to come home to
      keep the romance alive
      share my passions and his
      share a sacramental relationship, include God in our marriage


      teach good habits
      spend time with kids, appreciate them
      children's faith formation
      provide healthy and educational environment


      develop writing habit
      blog regularly
      overcome inhibitions


      keep in contact with formation director
      pray daily


      develop routine
      be committed
      inspire commitment
      teach necessary academics
      teach the "whole person" & life skills

I'd love to hear if you do this, and if you're willing to share the results.