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Friday, February 02, 2007

Something to Ponder

The majority of abortions are performed for the convenience of men, not for the convenience of women.

Women suffer more of the emotional consequences. Women suffer all of the physical/health side effects. Women suffer the brunt of judgment. Yet it is men who pressure women to have abortions more often than not, to alleviate their own responsibility. I've seen men drag their sexual partners forcefully into abortion clinics, with the assistance of the "pro-choice escorts." I've heard men talk women into getting abortions. I've heard parents talk their children into getting abortions; and I've known parents who tried to trick or force their offspring to abort without their consent.

I've read studies that back up what my own observations tell me, but I don't have the data at hand right now. Do any readers happen to have or know where to find the evidence?