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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maybe this has something to do with being born again?

It occurs to me that the womb is a precursor to life in the world as the earthly life is a precursor to eternal life. While in the womb, a baby has little idea what awaits him. He does not understand that the womb is not all there is, because it is all he has experienced. He probably does not have any clue how much joy and anticipation surrounds his entry into the world, among those who await him... how eagerly his Mama awaits his entering into her life in a fuller, more visible way.

And so it is, with us and heaven. Maybe something or Someone tells us that something better awaits us, but it is difficult for us to really understand in the depths of our being that this life is only the beginning, only a sheltered sample of true Life, the life that awaits us when we exit this womb and enter into the fullness of God's life, where the saints await us with eagerness and joy.

If we knew the love that awaits us outside this earthly womb, we would have so little fear of death.