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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Meme Virus"

I liked Write Wing Nut's choice of words so much I decided to repeat it. At the bottom of her post, she tagged me (infected, as she put it). So here I am, ready to bare all. Or bare ten. Ten random things about myself, that is.

1. I homeschooled for six years, but had to stop due to complicated circumstances. I miss it sometimes.

2. I've never had a white Christmas.

3. I really enjoy cheese that smells like Satan's gym socks. (Joel stuck that in when I wasn't looking. Teach me to "save as draft," eh?)

4. I met my charming and sneaky husband online. Specifically, I was moderating in a Catholic chat room when he came in. He had the misfortune of happening in at the same time as a group of trolling teenagers, and he had a nickname that I thought sounded obscene; to this day he accuses me of having a dirty mind. We might never have met if I hadn't kicked him out of the chat room.

5. Jane Eyre has been my favorite book since fifth grade. By the time I graduated high school I'd read it six times. In college (first time around) I used a monologue from that novel for oral interp on the speech team.

6. I almost attended the Air Force Academy. I got a nomination from an extremely liberal congressman by giving very politically neutral answers to my interview questions. Three years later, I ran the campaign of one of his opponents.

7. I finally graduated from college five days ago.

8. I collect pretty coffee mugs, but only if they're under a buck fifty.

9. My daydream is to get a Licentiate in Sacred Theology. It isn't likely, since we have a good-sized family and don't live anywhere near a school that offers them; but I still keep daydreaming.

10. I have a weakness for wasabi peas.