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Sunday, March 25, 2007

St. Grandma

Please pray for the repose of my grandmother, Agnes, who passed away today.

My most recent memory of her was a couple of years ago, when she and I were both visiting my mom. She had seen my sister's freestanding toilet paper holder, and was so delighted that she decided to forego using her four-footed cane. She'd discovered that a toilet paper roll fit on it, and she set it up in her bathroom. For the rest of the week, anyone who visited heard her telling with giggles about her new toilet paper holder.

A remarkable young artist named Akiane had a vision of heaven as a small child, and she said that there were colors we have never seen on earth. I can picture my grandmother giggling with delight as she sees for the first time in many years, and sees new colors and sights... and most of all, sees the Face of Jesus.