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Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Many Angels Don't Dance on the Head of a Pin?

When we think of the infinite we think, of course, of God. But when we think of God, it can be easy to forget to think of half of the infinite. God is all-powerful; God is all-loving. Maybe God can make a rock so heavy He cannot lift it. (I like to think He can, and that He can also lift it.)

So God is the "Big Guy." Infinitely big. No argument here. But what about infinitely small?

What set all these thoughts in motion was a little booklet called The Catholic Reader. It's a slender, staplebound collection of about 20 pages with prayers, poems, thoughts, and devotions. Near the beginning is a page of one-line "Inspirational Thoughts & Devotions," and among them I found this gem:

No problem is too small for the Lord.
Now, I've heard many times that no problem is too big for the Lord. I've even used that as an encouragement for people who worried that God could not forgive their sins: nothing we have done is too big for God to deal with, because nothing we can do can be bigger than God's infiniteness.

But too small? That's another matter.

How many times have we avoided a prayer for a need, because we thought God was busy with more important things? How many times have we avoided a problem instead of dealing with it because it was too big for us, but too small to bother the Lord with? How many times have we allowed ourselves to wallow in the thought that we are too small for God's attention?

Our Lord is infinite. One of the joys of that is that there's "enough of Him to go around." The fact that He's busy helping this world leader or that cancer victim doesn't mean He is spread too thin to help with our smaller problems. When one of my kids is hurting or in serious need, I don't stop loving the others. And God is a much better (and more infinite) parent than I am.

Take your little concerns to Him. And don't forget to offer thanks and worship while you're there.